Money raised

2000 £108,174
2001 £136,240
2002 £96,857
2003 £36,638
2004 £85,392
2005 £67,750
2006 £98,237
2007 £68,394
2008 £100,268
2009 £75,201
2010 £113,997
2011 £58,618
2012 £15,808
2013 £132,327
2014 £467,172
2015 £567,440
2016 £602,924
2017 £454,303
2018 £606,827
2019 £1,515,140
2020 £368,383

Conquest Hospital is a District General Hospital run by the East Sussex NHS Trust. It has an Acute Trauma Centre and a broad range of outpatient hospital services. The wide range and breadth of services  at Conquest Hospital is funded by the NHS and the Friends of Conquest raise money to top this up. This ultimately benefits all of us directly or touches someone we may know . The extra funding is used to improve the hospitals equipment and facilities which can reduce the occasions we may need to travel further afield to Bexhill, Eastbourne, Brighton and London for treatment.

We also help Conquest upgrade medical equipment to the latest technology. Hospitals equipped with the latest technology more easily attract the highly skilled staff  needed locally. New equipment is also invariably easier and quicker to use and offers improved patient outcomes.

How much we can help is down to the wonderful support of our local fundraisers and donors.

We support areas of the hospital that can miss out on funding particularly when budgets are tight which we believe are still very important; such as, the gardens, Hospital Radio and Hospital Art work.

We support patients directly too and last year gave out over 300 complimentary toiletry packs for inpatients staying at the hospital who did not have these essentials.

We support Staff well being. We’ve donated over £40,000 to aid staff during the Covid Pandemic.

We believe supporting your local hospital is a very worthy cause and many take great pleasure in volunteering, donating or fundraising. All the staff who work there are incredibly appreciative of the local support they receive.

Here are some of our recent purchases your donations have enabled.

For Conquest Hospital’s 25 year anniversary we raised £1 million to buy a state of the art MRI for their new Diagnostic Department

A raiser which staff use to lift patients

A computerised ward drug trolley that links directly to the Pharmacy

An additional respirator for Cardiology

Two extra patient chairs for transfusions and infusions for the McCartney Unit

Additional sleep monitors for the Sleep Clinic

Nasal endoscope for the Sleep Clinic